Key Personnel
Institute of Computer Science, Savar

[*Not According to Seniority*]
No. Name Designation Division Telephone Email
1Dr. Md. Shakil AhmedDirector---778 93
2Dr. Md. Dulal HossainHeadCTSD779 09
3Mr. Md. Mahbub AlamSenior Scientific OfficerCSDD01712 27 47
4Engr. Md. Abu ShameemSenior EngineerCTSD01712 89 04
5Ms. Kh. Nuba Shittain MituScientific OfficerCTSD01672 78 01
6Ms. Shauli Sarmin SumiScientific OfficerCSDD01719 18 30
7Mr. Md. Shamimul IslamScientific OfficerCTSD01924 21 60
8Mr. Md. Haidar AliScientific OfficerCTSD01677 08 01
9Mr. Md. Ahsan HabibScientific OfficerCSDD01788 53 50
10Mr. Mohammad Nur NobiScientific OfficerCSDD01712 99 93

List of Divisions:
CSDComputer System Division
CSDDComputer Software Development Division
CTSDComputer Training & Services Division